Fixing a Broken Eclipse PDT Index

One my secondary machine, I noticed that Eclipse’s Open Type / Open Method dialog stopped working (not populating). I tried several things, such as rebuilding the index / projects, restarting eclipse, and several solutions from online. I actually couldn’t find anyone with this problem for Eclipse PDT (PHP edition), but some solutions for Java.

Here are the usual listed solutions:
-Restart Eclipse
-Clean or build broken projects
-Delete files from workspace (Java)

I finally got this fixed today after comparing both of my Eclipse directories (working and non). Shut down eclipse, and navigate to your Eclipse workspace directory. Delete the workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.dltk.core.index.sql.h2 directory, and load up eclipse. I noticed mine had grown to 6GB which is probably why it crapped out. My other installation’s directory was about 250mb by comparison.

Hopefully this helps someone else! Auto-complete, open type, etc. is a god-send when working with large projects.